<aside> 🎯 Here at Forefront, we are not satisfied with merely observing and reporting on Web3. We aim to pioneer, to shape, its very emergence.


Experimentation has always been a core value, but today, we are going a step further to build in public on what can be a fraught topic: Contributor Compensation.

DAOs can live up to their ethos of positive-sum, wagmi solidarity only if fundamental assumptions regarding work, compensation, and our responsibilities to one another are questioned and re-imagined.

Compensation Scope

We recently announced four full-time roles on the core team at Forefront. Today, we are stoked to roll out a new compensation initiative for FT team members, whose elements include:

  1. Mix of $USDC and $FF, with the amount to be determined in personalized conversation with each final Candidate, rather than a ‘customary’ or going rate/range in the labor market.
  2. Continuing education fund.
  3. Travel fund, including support to attend as many Web3/crypto events as you desire!
  4. Stipend for health insurance and other benefits.
  5. After 2 years full-time: Contributor is eligible for exchange program with partner DAOs.
  6. After 3 years full-time with Forefront: Contributor is eligible for DAO-bbatical (sabbatical), a paid leave of up to 6 months for rest, travel, research and/or acquisition of new skills or training.
  7. After 4 years full-time: Contributor is eligible for “soft retirement” in Forefront advisory position with generous benefits and community support.

This is an experimental framework that is being built out as we speak, and the precise time frames for the latter three benefits will remain fluid and open to iteration.

We warmly invite you to apply, and we very much look forward to having this new conversation.

✨ Join us!