<aside> 🎨 W3CR is play! It is an experiment in creative expression, immersed in Community. At Forefront, we want to build the scaffolding for emergent life. Our hope is that intentionally seeding joyful creation in our community will spark the caring relationships, vulnerability, communal learning and experimentation that will shape the Web3 world of tomorrow.


Creators ∞ Community

Community is at the heart of all we do at Forefront - including the Web3 Creator Residency. We envision the W3CR to be an experiment in play and collective creation. Below, we’ve set out some essential info about how you, yes YOU, can participate in the W3CR.


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<aside> 🎙️ Riverside.fm

We’ll be using Riverside.fm for all of our Community Meet & Greets.

Join us!

How to use Riverside.fm


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The W3CR Community Meet & Greets are your chance to learn more about each of our 16 Finalist Creators and the incredible Projects they hope to workshop for the Residency.

Music, design, A/R, film, curation, writing, 3D art, social impact, education & graffiti street art…

The array of fields and aspirations represented by our 16 Finalists is 🤯 . Which Finalist would you like to observe, learn from, and jam with? (Learn how to vote for your fave Finalists here.)

Basic Deets (click to TOGGLE DOWN)

📅  When and 📍Where